Data Centre Design

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Experts in Data Centre Design: Our Design Philosophy

The determination of exactly “how much power and cooling” and “what level of resilience” is the cornerstone of data centre design.

In order to recommend the most appropriate way forward for the design of the M&E infrastructure, it is important to first have an understanding of the IT requirements that the infrastructure will be supporting.

We believe that only someone who has been in the position of a client themselves (as we have in the past) has the rounded level of experience to make decisions on design philosophy, taking into account both customer requirements for flexibility, redundancy and cost savings…read more

Data Centre Design Critique and Management

At ITconstruct we have built up a vast knowledge of the design, construction and day to day running of mechanical, electrical and other supporting systems of Data Centres.

We are able to critique consultants’ designs, recommending ways to improve resilience at lower cost throughout the project…read more