Our Approach

Clarity Blue Complete 2Business critical infrastructure is made up of three component parts:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Physical Data Centre Environment (Mechanical and Electrical Infrastructure)
  • and People.

Once operational, these three components are in equilibrium, a change in one having a direct effect on the other two.

With this in mind, the development of a new data centre, or the upgrade of an existing one, should not be viewed as two separate “IT” and “construction” projects but as a single project. ITconstruct take a holistic view of the data centre, and bridge the gap between IT and mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineering to ensure that the data centre delivered is capable of supporting the IT infrastructure within it.

In order to determine the most appropriate way forward for the design of the M&E infrastructure, we believe that it is important to first have an understanding of the IT requirements that the infrastructure will be supporting.

We deliver a data centre solution which will support your current IT infrastructure, but also takes into account future requirements and growth. This facilitates a flexible physical environment which can grow and develop in line with your IT needs.

People are the third component of business critical infrastructures as they ensure the ongoing operation of the data centre and IT systems. ITconstruct can support your data centre operations team with follow up development, maintenance and management of the facility, and operational procedures.